The founding principal upon which American Healthcare Alliance, Inc., (AHA) was built, was the belief that access to, and the delivery of health and medical care services while national in scope, is a local issue from the patient’s perspective. With this in mind, it was AHAs’ goal to be able to provide multi-city, state, regional, and or national employers, carriers, or selfinsured plans the opportunity to participate in single or multiple Preferred Provider Systems across the United States through a single centralized source.

The Program would have to be flexible in its design and operation in order to serve the varying needs of diverse clients. At the same time the program would need to be easily implemented, understood, and administered while providing quality care, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The Program would also need to be able to adapt to the changing healthcare marketplace and the needs of the clients and providers, in order to maximize the benefits of participation. American Healthcare Alliance believes that it has accomplished these objectives and more in its Program and Network.

In order to make this goal a reality, AHA consulted with Provider Systems, Health Insurance Executives, and Third Party Payers throughout the United States. The results of these consultations allowed AHA to develop a series of uniform contractual agreements that contain the controls, guidelines and requirements necessary to adequately identify, address and support the issues, needs and objectives of participating Providers, Payers and Patients.

The completion of the initial uniform AHA Agreements in 1987 allowed AHA to begin the process of “linking” together some of the nations most respected Local and Regional Preferred Provider Systems. American Healthcare Alliance resides in the middle of this “link” acting as the `Central Command Center” through which all contracting, implementation, administration, customer service, and PPO access fee remittance takes place.


Edwin L. Cosler, President and Chief Executive Officer Over 30 years experience in the Health Care Industry, serving in various areas including consulting to ERISA Plans, Third Party Administrators, and Underwriters. In 1980 Mr. Cosler formed the first multi-state Dental PPO serving 56,000 members and dependents across four states. Mr. Cosler was engaged in 1985 by a Multi-regional Taft-Hartley Health and Welfare Fund to establish a multi-PPO network involving several Provider Sponsored independent PPO Networks including the States of; Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. Mr. Cosler utilized this initial base to begin developing what is now American Healthcare Alliance. AHA is arguably one of the largest independent operating alliance of local and regional PPO/MCOs in the United States. Collectively, there are in excess of 33,000,000 lives covered by the AHA Member Networks.

Philip Mehelic, Executive Vice President, COO, Principal. Mr. Mehelic joined AHA in 1992. Mr. Mehelic has over thirty-five (35) years of experience in the Life and Health Insurance industry and spent many years with The New England rising to the position of General Agent. His duties include client development, identification and of pursuit of new business opportunities and strategic relationships. His considerable knowledge of business operations and his lengthy sales and marketing experience have been and continue to be of tremendous value to AHA and the AHA Member networks. Mr. Mehelic holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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