Advantages Of Participating In AHA

  • Single source for Access to one or all of the AHA Preferred Provider Systems
  • Single source for all contracting, implementation, administration, and access fee payments
  • Single logo on the members ID card (in most instances)
  • Single source for all claims repricing (in most instances)
  • Single source for customer service
  • Uniform contractual agreements
  • Mutual accountability between participating parties
  • Ability to track and verify savings
  • Significant provider reductions
  • The ability to work with all types of healthcare benefit programs, whether they be,
    • Fully Insured
    • Self-Insured
    • Partially Self-Insured
    • Carrier Administered
    • Self-Administered
    • Third Party Administered

These and many other factors, individually, or in conjunction further benefit the AHA client, their Benefit Plan, and their employees which all contributes to the long term success of a clients participation in AHA. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to duplicate the size, quality, number of providers, or the effectiveness of a local provider system.

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